Brand Creatives with Projection in FOG SCREEN

Structure Specification Sheet

Our Fog Screen can be modified & incorporated to any structure - either on Plane Truss or into an Ocatnorm Structure.

Below you can find some of the Basic example in PDF for Various Sizes 


For Fog Screen Structure Specification Sheet -  Click Here

For Fog Screen Connection Details Sheet - Click Here

Fog Screen Projection is done through a haze Machine to create a semi Transparent Wall and are illuminated by a projector, in order to produce a display whose images seem to float in mid air.

For Fog Screen Demo Click Here For Fog Screen

Sky Tackers for Building Projection
Clients Can Also book Our Sky trackers for Building Launches or Special Events.
Skytracker Light are full motion searchlights which project beams light that can be seen from Miles.The sweeping beams not only add motion and excitement to an event or lighting effect, but also pinpoint the location of that event or location and attract beam followers. 4000 Watt Xenon lamp - Throws the Distance till 4 Kms - Light also has the options to reduces the disantce between 1Km,2 Km, 3 Km,& 4 Km.
To Watch Skytracker demo video Click here 
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